I reside in the seaside town of Half Moon Bay, where colors are influenced by both coastal fog and brilliant sunshine. I enjoy photography and working with brush and ink painting on rice paper in the Sumi-e style of painting. Sumi-e requires artists to distill the essence of an object or scene in the fewest possible strokes, and this stylistic constraint truly challenges my expressive personality. I continue to combine new art forms and media in order to create innovative expressions of my life.

My foray into the latest phase of my art is called Crystal Focus Imagery(tm). It began as a response to a severely injured eye that could only see refractions of images around me. Forced to view the world in this new way and unable to articulate what I was seeing until the rim of a wine glass caught the light and distorted scenes that resembled the way I was looking at objects. I found my camera and began snapping anything that provided this prismatic reflection.

Life is constantly fluid, and all we as artists can attempt to do, is capture a moment that has already past.